Hunter Beast


Hi, welcome to the personal homepage of Hunter Beast, also known as "cryptoquick"

I chose that name in 2005 and used it in IRC chats on FreeNode, before cryptocurrency was a thing... And back when FreeNode was still cool.

I registered this domain back in 2009, before I'd ever heard of Bitcoin.

I didn't take "crypto" seriously until about 2018, and back then I was into Web3. Later I'd come to work on the Filecoin protocol.

In February 2021, I finally took the time to read the Bitcoin Standard. After that, I was obsessed with Bitcoin.

I'd come to see it as humanity's best chance to thrive and not gradually decay into fiat-socialist entropy.

We desperately need to automate the jobs of central bankers, separate money from state, and produce more energy than needed so we always have it when we truly need it.

Ever since, I've specialized in Rust, Bitcoin, & Lightning (and other Bitcoin-only layers), but I don't feel like I came to those things particularly early.

After doing lots of research, I came to realize this:

Bitcoin is solving the biggest problem... all of money.

The old system of global finance can no longer accurately measure the distribution of scarce goods.

Tools are needed to trust less and ask for permission less. That's where Bitcoin comes in.

Lightning is Bitcoin's scaling layer. Peer to peer directional payment channels, without global state.

Fees are low, and TPS are high. Lightning is like the TCP to Bitcoin's IP.

Bitcoin doesn't have to be perfect to replace all the money of the world. But I think it eventually will.

For two years I focused on working with RGB tech for DIBA on the BitMask wallet.

I also am the creator of the Carbonado decentralized storage system, and also Layered Bitcoin.

Now I'm working on a new venture called Surmount Systems.

Anyway, these days, maybe I'd prefer to go by "bitcoinslow", but instead I squat cryptoquick as many places as I can find so that scammers can't target my friends.

I will never ask you for money, be it in fiat or in crypto. Do not fall for scammers!

NOTE: At this point, I don't think I'll ever need to do a traditional job search, so, please do not reach out to me about "new opportunities", thanks.

Especially do not ask me to work on your scamcoins. No other blockchain is really necessary now that we have Bitcoin layers.